OMAN | Ibri Independent Power Plant

Ruling out the complications with creativity

One of the two latest natural gas-fired power projects currently under the process of completion, the Ibri Independent Power Plant is expected to produce an initial power of 940MW in April 2018 which will be maximized up to a capacity of 1,509MW generation from April, 2019. Operating under the tight timeframes imposed under the main project, Ärk is currently contributing to the project by executing Vessel Chartering services and Direct Delivery of 5,000 freight tons of cargo to the project site.

Due to the remote location of Ibri, Ärk was compelled to look for creative means to deliver the cargo that arrived in three vessels to the project site, on time. Following an extensive route survey, Ärk chose to unload the cargo in the company occupied space of 10,000 sqm. in the vicinity of Duqm port and transport the cargo to the project site with Ärk’s fleet of Prime Movers and Goldhofer heavy-lift trailers. With each journey to the site averages to 2 to 4 days, Ärk has estimated the project to be completed on the second week of May 2018.

Ibri Independent Power Plant, Oman